The beginning…

The story of Mr. Potts has taken a new twist; I have moved to the desert. This is not just any desert, it is a world of intoxicating extraterrestrial beauty. The red rock like the face of Mars press tightly around the curves of a sultry Colorado river in a lover’s embrace. Waking up and gazing up at the mountains gave me a clear depiction of how, so long ago, the natives looked at the mountains as gods.

The baking sun uninhibited by eternal sky, and the blistering valley winds were enough to shock me back to reality.
I found myself 30 minutes from Moab, Utah in a small Luxury Resort building a farm to table program on a few acres of extra fertile land.

Long days, hard work, and persistence my allies. Unfettered possibility made my life before a shallow illusion.

This was a once of a lifetime experience…



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