Little, Mean, Aubergine!

Sexy little beasts!!!

Jason, our master gardener, brought in one of my all time favorites from the Sorrel River Garden today…Eggplant!

This poor little misunderstood nightshade has been relegated to Baba ghanoush and egg plant parmesan for far to long.

This tender little berry (yes, its a berry) is awesome sauteed with a touch of extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Finish with a touch of lemon juice…pure nirvana.

Aubergine is a super fun veggie too! Add a little egg and panko then pan fry, and you have the perfect crunchy little vessel for a field green salad or a veggie napoleon.

Another great characteristic of eggplant is its ability to soak up flavors. Take a large eggplant, slice it, and marinate with fresh basil, oregano, and thyme. Voila! You might just have one of the best steak substitutes since the portobella.

The sky is the limit!

So, the next time you are taking a walk down the produce isle or around your favorite farmer’s market, pick one up and have some fun!


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