Bodacious Basil


30+ pounds

Holy basil. Really.

Jason and Jim harvested two of the six rows of basil today and yielded over 30 pounds of pure Genovese joy!

So, not only was today the celebration of our countries independence, but a celebration of leafy green goodness.

Some basil made its way into cocktails, salads, soups, and infused oils- and yes, there was pesto…12 gallons to be exact.

Luckily, I had some help from the guys, picking, chopping, mincing, and of course, juicing every tender sprig.



The total time to process the basil…a little over three hours.

The pungent basil bloom gained steam over time eventually permeating over the entire lodge. This lead a steady stream of interested passers by to migrate through the kitchen, led by curiosity, and of course, their nose.


Be on the look out for Sorrel Brand Pesto soon! 😁


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