Patty Pan, Grilled and Loving It-

Our first major harvest of the summer…a whopping 300 pound harvest of squash. Sara, my Sous Chef, and I have slowly become masters of the art of squash cookery.  Image

Patty Pan Squash can be a ton of fun. Not only are they cute, they are delicious. So how to cook them? Let me count the ways…

First, select the Patty Pan that are firm, with few blemishes. Make sure you give the sexy little guy a bath.Image

Many people believe the Patty Pan needs to be peeled, oh contraire! Do what I call the fingernail test.

If your fingernail goes easily into the squash, then so will your teeth.


Using an extra sharp Chef’s knife, make lengthwise cuts into the beasty little gourd into quarter inch strips.



Take some extra virgin olive oil and coarse grind sea salt and rub it into the squash and heat up the grill.


After you get great grill marks pull the squash off of the grill and let it cool down to room temperature. Chop the squash into half, and get ready for the magic.

Trust me, the great dense texture of the squash makes an awesome addition or substitution for meat.

One of my favorite things to do is add the grilled squash to a once in a life time Summer Salad.

This time around I couldn’t resist but add a touch of all of the great produce we have been getting from the garden!

I took some great baby arugula and blended it with heirloom tomatoes, pickled french shallot, super sweet basil, 10 year old balsamic reduction, a touch of Alba white truffle oil and Hawaiian Volcanic Salt.

The result: the taste of summer sunshine straight from the Moab Mountains!



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