If You Can’t Beet Them…


Beets are coming in by the bushel at the farm, and I am loving every minute of it!

Beets are a an incredibly versatile root vegetable that often gets overlooked or scorned.

More often than not, the terrified reaction is caused by a haunting child hood memory of gelatinous canned or pickled beets being forced upon your plate by someone you thought you could trust, often followed by the words, “Eat them! They are good for you!”

The shock created during those delicate, formative years is often enough to keep most people away from beets for years.

A little secret though, beets contain a huge amount of sugar. When slow roasted they obtain a magical earthy sweetness that is a perfect accompaniment to nice spicy greens!

At the ranch I serve them in one of my all time favorites: beet and arugula salad with local chèvre, mint, and candied walnuts. For the dressing I add just a touch of red wine to the beets and emulsify them with extra virgin olive oil.

The result is a magical meaty miracle- the beet!



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