Sun flower Salutations!

All along the highways and by ways of Utah are these great little sunflowers. If you have been here you know these vibrant little guys explode in the summer making the southern Utah desert way more bearable.

On that note, my super awesome pastry chef, (and wonderful wife) Melissa made a great representation of these vivid little gems for a VIP amenity.

Thought I would share some pics!



2 thoughts on “Sun flower Salutations!

  1. Steve Potts says:

    Hey Richard
    Our sunflowers in the garden grew to over 12 feet maybe closer to 16-18′ The heads on them are about 2 1/2 feet across. I will have a lot of seeds fort next year and plenty to eat and if you would like a bag of them fort your garden or the work garden I will send some to you. just tell me and they will be on the way. the seeds are about a inch long and the kernels I am expecting to be meaty and about 3 times the size of the ones that you would but in the store.
    Another thing that was a surprise this year was the kohlrabi we used the bulb in some stew and it really gave it a good taste which was not the surprise it was there leaves that had a great taste! we have been growing some collard greens and they have been excellent but the kohlrabi greens were downright delirious delicious. They have the collard green quality but the have a velvety mouth feel. The taste is between spinach, chard and greens. Tasty !! Give them a try when you can I think you will like them and so will your customers. Have you done anything with the local garden market? you would not need that much equipment to go out there and cook some of your veggies and show the people just what great food that can be made from garden to the plate and what your kitchen is all about. Remember you are a ROCK STAR and it is time that everybody knows it. Love ya Dad

  2. Steve Potts says:

    Hey Rich.
    This is your Pappy and our sunflowers did really well this year. we have a sort of special sunflower that grows up to 18′. They are monsters, from just one plant we got a full sheet tray running over with seed. the seeds are about 3/4 inch to 1 inch long. I will send you some seed if you would like. Get back with me on that. I am also growing my keefer grains and am getting an over abundance of them also, the same offer goes for them. catch you later

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