Killer Cayenne Peppers


For me Cayenne pepper is a deal maker. These super sexy little pods have an intense atomic taste that has been a staple of cuisine for centuries-and for good reason!
This magic little nightshade is great either fresh or ground preparations. We were lucky enough to get 25 lbs from the garden over the last week.

To maximize our usage out of the spicy little guys I decided to dry them.

It is super simple to do.

First, preheat your oven to 175 degrees.

Next, lay the peppers out on a sheet tray, leaving them dry and intact.


Place them in the oven, and rotate the pan every hour. The process of extracting the moisture will take between 4-6 hours. It makes a great project for a lazy weekend.

You will know the peppers are done when the entire pepper is crispy and crunchy to the touch. Be sure to examine by the head of the peppers near the seeds. This area retains moisture way better than the rest of the pepper. Let them cool.


Next, in a glass blender (plastic will absorb the capsicum) blend it on high in a WELL VENHiLATED area. Wear gloves, and a face mask. These guys will light you up! If you are sensitive to spice, I advise hand chopping them.


Voila! Beautiful fresh ground cayenne!



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