Hotel Interactive Article- “Food Foraging for Fun”, Featuring Your’s Truley

Sorrel River Ranch!

Hi Everyone,

I just got some great press from Caryn Eve Murray in a great article called, “Food Foraging for Fun”, on Hotel

Check out the whole article: 

A taste!

For Richard Potts, executive chef at Sorrel River Ranch Hotel and Spa, the welcome mat for foraging was woven from the leaves of the eponymous sorrel outside the front doors of the Moab, Utah, luxury resort, which sits on 166 acres of ranch.

“Our whole line is this is where luxury meets adventure,” Potts said. “There is a lot of fun and adventure in eating local, indigenous things and things growing within reach.” Indigenous plants are his focus this year – imparting a taste of Utah. Wild greens, edible clover, dandelion and the like “come out of the ground really quickly,” he said, once the foraging season gets rolling in May. The season later progresses into wild plantain and prickly pear – two other indigenous offerings.

Having a combination of prairie and desert gives him even more options – as does the section of desert the resort irrigates using the Colorado River. He also takes advantage of the wild herbs and other plants that, he said, “pop up because so many people have grown seeds here over the years.”

A lifelong forager, Potts is now teaching his cooks the safe way to collect kitchen ingredients. “We need people to understand and recognize the way things look in their natural state,” h e said. The resort also makes use of its cultivated plants, which are raised in the on-site garden. If the harvest is not sufficient for an entrée, he fashions a tasting menu, or creates a side dish to the main course.

“I think everybody has been looking to be more locavore, but it is so cool when you can be a hyperlocavore. That is what we have been going for,” Potts said.


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