Wild Alaskan Salmon – Moab Style

Hi Everyone,

I thought I would share some of the new dinner menu items for Spring 2013.

The idea is simple, use the best produce the Farm has to offer and craft it with the best Utah artisan products I can find.

Our Sockeye Salmon is caught by a local Moabite, Nick, who goes fishing each season in Alaska with a Fishing Co-opp. The color and flavor is amazing. I prefer to serve it Medium Rare to really accentuate the delicate meatiness of the fish.

Another Fun Product is Jones Dry Aged Bacon. They cure with celery seed and no added nitrates. It is thick cut bacon at it’s best, with just a hint of smoke and sweet.

Why waste the bacon fat? Emulsify it with some homemade Utah Apple Vinegar, and a pinch of Sea salt, and you can get your sauce on!

With the delicate balance of earth and salinity found in Moab produce, the harvest of Curly Kale and Baby Heirloom Carrots made the perfect accompaniment.


Wild Salmon

Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, Garden Kale, Dry Aged Bacon, Baby Garden Carrots, Bacon Fat Vinaigrette


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