The Seafood Gallery


Everyone does a “Seafood Tower”.

What better way to accent the artistic nature of Rococo Steak than to do something more a little more avant-garde?

My answer is the, “Seafood Gallery”.

My commitment is always to freshness, my mantra, always fresh, and never frozen!

I select the best Pacific oysters, Florida clams, domestic shrimp (never from foreign waters!), and cold water lobster from Maine and Canada.

My favorite oysters: Kusshi and Kumomoto. They are petite, sweet, briny, and plump- their shear visceral-ness is completely unrivaled by any Easto coast oyster I have tasted. 

My clams are farm raised in Cedar Key, The little necks are succulent with a small bit of bitterness and a taste of Florida surf. 

I love cold water lobster. My fresh tails come in from both Maine and Canada. My phenomenal lobster claw, knuckle, and tail blend from harvested in New Brunswick and Maine, and is packed fresh, never frozen. 

My Shrimp are always domestic, my favorite being the plump brown shrimp from the Gulf of New Mexico. They are everything that is right about shrimp. Lobstery, buttery, and meaty with a trace hint of salt water and iodine.  

Lastly, I garnish the plate with cucumber and sherry migionette, freshly grated horseradish relish, grilled Meyer lemons, and smokd paprika and ginger cocktail sauce. It is a sight for the eyes to behold!

Bon Appétit!



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