Grass Fed Beef

Grass-Fed-Filet-Mignon-and-Angry-Lobster---Detail (1)

Grass fed beef has come a long ways. Maybe in part to the “Paleo” movement increasing demand, or maybe due an increase of consumer awareness, grass fed beef is a hot commodity.

But what makes it different?

Grass fed beef is freely raised in sustainable grazed pastures produce a diverse variety of grasses, ensuring the cattle enjoy a year-round, all-forage diet rich in nutrients and energy.  True Grass Fed beef is never subjected to the stress and crowding of industrial feed lots and is raised naturally, free of antibiotics and growth hormones.

The flavor profile is dramatically different as well. Grass fed beef is a leaner, nuttier, and beefier flavor than its corn fed brethren. I would almost say the beef has “terroir” much like wine. Depending on the season of harvest and the area the beef is raised, there are slight nuances in the beef that come from the land and the diet the cattle were was raised on.

I choose grass fed beef for all of these reasons; my favorite provider is Strauss. Their small network of farms are consistently delicious with marbling similar to Prime Beef!

Feel free to come in to Rococo Steak and try the Grass Fed difference!

Bon Appétit!


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