The Bacon Flight

Rococo-Steak---Food---Bacon-Flight-2 (1)

The Bacon Flight: my triumphant exhalation to the new super food.

The original inspiration I cannot take credit for though. My father Steve Potts, a retired chef, has been watching the crazy reach fevered heights came to me with a simple suggestion for the Rococo Steak Menu: “Find the coolest bacon you can, and show it off!”

The summation of my research, development, and multiple late night tastings was a triumvirate of three super hand cut bacons. Spoiler alert, Kevin Bacon is not included.

Bacon one; Neuske’s Award Winning Apple wood smoked masterpiece from the heart of bacon country itself: Wittenberg, Wisconsin.  The perfect balance of smoke, fat, and lean bacony goodness is unrivaled by any other producer. One bite and you will be hooked!

Bacon two; Wild Boar Bacon. Slow smoked and still wild, this boar bacon exudes a subtle nuance of both game and tame. With a lower total fat content the bacon has a deeper crunch and meatier flavor.

Bacon three; Thick sliced Duck breast bacon. The texture is stunningly addictive. The flavor blooms with brown sugar, apple, and petite duck fattiness. It is best served with a small bit of chew to really enjoy the textural nuance!

All three are served with wood grilled rustic baguette and a healthy side of 100% Pure Vermont Maple syrup. The bacon flight is a great way to start your meal and enjoy everything bacon!

Bon Appétit!


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