The Bone In Filet


Few things are quite as transcendent than a bone in filet.

Though scientific evidence suggests that the bone itself does not contribute greatly to the overall flavor of the meat, the connective tissues and fats that sit closest to the bone do add a immense amount of texture and visceral bite that is hard to resist.

The pleasure of the barely cooked meat flanking the inside of the bone is glorious! The few bites are a true testament to all of the beefy virtues of the filet with a touch more of the deeper meatiness that comes more pronounced with the other primal cuts.

I age all of the beef at Rococo Steak for a minimum of 21 days wet age before they step foot into the kitchen. For those who don’t know, wet-aged beef is aged in a vacuum-sealed bag to retain its moisture and allow the enzymes to begin to break down the meat. There is very little weight loss in comparison to dry aging, and wet aged beef has a more mild flavor and giving texture than dry aged beef.

All in all the bone in filet is a dynamic cut with so many virtues it is impossible not to enjoy!

Bon Appétit!


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