Richard Potts

Chef, Consultant, & Solution Specialist

Contact: chefrichardpotts@gmail.com

I want to help you develop and achieve your vision.

As a Restaurant Consultant I have assisted restaurant owners, hotels, resorts, management companies, and food service entrepreneurs in navigating the complex path to a successful restaurant openings and brand redevelopment.

I have built my reputation on my ability to assist with all phases of the restaurant’s life cycle including: development, concepting,  design, opening, redevelopment, and rescue.

I have a long track record of  local and national accolades restaurant concepts, and I develop working & sustainable systems that will endure for years to come.

I am able to help with specific challenges your idea or operation may face including:

– Culinary Development

– Concept Creation and Menu Development

– Food Cost Control

– Labor & Budget Control

– Competitive Analysis and Trend Forecasting

– P&L Management

– Team Building & Positive Training Approaches

– Creation, Development, & Execution of Brand Standards

– Creating and Executing Standards of Operation

– Purchasing and Receiving Systems

– Implementing Effective Training Systems

– Implementing Effective Incentive Programs

– Developing Long Solutions for you.

Stop making excuses and let’s start making action plans.

Reach out to me today!

Contact: chefrichardpotts@gmail.com